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Harrison Little Learners Story

Harrison Little Learner's is a family-owned business that began in 2019 with the goal of creating  strong bonds within our community. We accept children 6 wks-5yrs. We are here to serve families in need of a safe learning environment. With over 15 years of childcare experience, we have learned that families are the most important aspect in our communities.

Babies in Playroom

Our Mission

We seek to provide safe, high quality childcare which includes opportunities for all our children to grow and mature, at their own developmental level. Our center's main goal is to provide your family with a safe and nurturing environment. Additionally, we strive to offer a comprehensive learning program, which encourages children to be creative, and use a sensory approach to learning.

Toddlers in Daycare

Our Goal

To promote intellectual curiosity, sound social values, and emotional well-being.
To model sound personal development and to teach respect for others.
To develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.
To teach students how to work independently and cooperatively

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